He murdered his friend, dismembered him with a chainsaw and hid the remains in the refrigerator

At that time, the Investigations Subdelegation (DDI) of Tigre began the protocol to ascertain the whereabouts and the case was in the hands of the prosecutor Gonzalo Acosta, of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) of Trafficking in Persons and Related Crimes of San Isidro , which is dedicated to missing persons throughout that judicial department.

Judicial spokesmen told Télam that the starting point of the investigation and the key that later led to discovering what had happened to Barrios were the videos of security cameras with which the route of the car was reconstructed in the previous hours.

The victim’s IGB265 patent Corsa was found abandoned in the Buenos Aires province of Malvinas Argentinas and in the videos it was observed that, on the day of his disappearance, Barrios parked his car on Route 197 to 1800 in the town of El Talar, district of Tigre.

“He is seen getting out of the car with black pants, white sneakers and a red jumpsuit, and crossing the street. A few hours later, a person dressed in the same clothes is seen getting into the vehicle and starting where it was later abandoned, ”a judicial investigator told Télam.


The same source explained that it was the relatives of the disappeared merchant who They realized when they saw the video that whoever had gotten into the car back and then left it, had the same clothes as Barrios, but it was another person.

After a series of intelligence tasks, the Buenos Aires police detectives determined that the person Barrios had gone to visit in El Talar was an acquaintance named Gustavo Alejandro Arbelo (34), who when trying to be located could not be found.

According to sources, this Tuesday the suspect appeared spontaneously at the SubDDI Tigre and there it broke there it confessed to the investigators that while at home and after having consumed drugs, he had fought with Barrios, who had killed him with a blow to the head and then cut his body with chainsaws and other tools, in a self-incrimination that although it does not have judicial validity, it was recorded in a record.

Quickly, the prosecutor Acosta ordered an emergency search of the suspect’s home, at Route 197 number 1832 in El Talar, which was granted by the Court of Guarantees 2 of the judicial department.

Upon arrival at the house, the They found two black nylon bags inside a refrigerator and inside the mutilated body of a man.

The Scientific Police corroborated that the remains are of the wanted man and sent them to the judicial morgue to advance the expertise, sources said.

dismembered Tiger01.jpg

Judicial spokesmen told Télam that for the moment the head whose face was not visible because it was packed with adhesive tape, the torso and the arms of the victim were found.

Investigators have already assumed that it is Barrios’ body because his family already recognized some tattoos found in the remains.

Other cadaverous remains, such as a severed knee, were found in a trash can street near home and still It remains to find the hips and parts of the legs, the sources specified.

Meanwhile, inside the house, an 11.25 caliber pistol, a bucket with a mop with blood stains and two electric saws – one new and the other without a chain, as if it had been broken – and a manual saw were seized under a mattress. with which he allegedly dismembered the victim.

Researchers also they found a bag with 150 grams of cocaine inside a bowl that was covered with rice.

A police investigator told Télam that the dispute prior to the event began because both “were under the influence of the substances.”

The case was recalled as “homicide” and the prosecutor Acosta will investigate the accused in the next few hours.

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