He lives in India and his name is Kovid: the jokes and misadventures of having a name associated with the pandemic

There are names that do not go unnoticed anywhere, and rightly so, but one has never been seen that makes sense and can be understood throughout the world and in all languages. It turns out that since february 2020, the life of Kovid Kapoor changed forever as he realized he would be associated with a global pandemic for the rest of his life.

We are talking about a businessman residing in the India and who went viral almost two years ago simply because of his first name. When the c pandemicoronavirus came into the world, this man published a “Chascarrillo” in your account Twitter and almost without realizing it, it reached thousands of people.

On that occasion, he had written the following: “MMy name is Kovid and I am not a virus”. Possibly being a nod to the movie My Name es Khan and the famous phrase, “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist”. For this simple and nice post, he garnered 978 “I like it”, 159 retweets and 44 comments, being a total unknown.

Kovid Kapoor It went viral since February 2020.

As if that were not enough, a few days later he was already receiving proposals to be interviewed. From local media, TV channels Youtube and even the same Washington Post.

“I was just playing, having fun in Twitter and went to bed laughing a lot. I received messages from reporters in NDTV, Times Now, AFP, Reuters, The National (Dubai) and heck, even the mighty Washington Post! I recorded some audio clips for the journalists who asked me for one”, recognized in a local media.

Also, his name led to a few misunderstandings. For example, this 2021 came the day of his 30th birthday and his friends organized to buy him a cake that says “happy birthday #Covid-30”. However, the pastry shop in charge of such a task thought that they had misspelled the word Covid and they corrected the “k” by a “c”.

After he uploaded it to his birdie social media account, the local contacted him, apologized for the mistake, and offered to send him a new cake and “corrected”.

“I always knew I had a good name joke going back to February 2020, but never once did I imagine in my wildest dreams that it would lead to so much worldwide coverage. It sounds ridiculous to say it, but I have become an internet ‘sensation’ and will always be part of the internet subculture. InternetKovid acknowledged in another interview.

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