He had to put a lock on his refrigerator because his kitten would open it and devour everything

Many times people treat animals as if they were their own children. and they worry when they are overweight, considering the diseases that it can attract.

In the English town of Bristol, Sara Matthews adopted her cat Ketih to play with her daughter and although she knew that the animal had certain medical problems, what she never imagined is that she would have to close her refrigerator due to the pet’s ability to steal food.

All that began in 2020, when he saw how the feline increased his weight and could hardly walk, so decided to spend thousands of dollars trying to help him lose weight.

While she took him to several vets and it seemed like the nutritional strategy was working, Keith had the uncanny ability to steal food by opening the refrigerator. That reason led her to put childproof locks on her refrigerator, but for her own cat.

“We’ve had child locks on the fridge since we got Keith. At first he would climb when I opened the fridge and was so worried he would get trapped without us noticing. As it progresses, we have had to put more and more locks on each cupboard with food. It doesn’t matter if it’s a circular handle or a pulley, he’ll find his way in. “, he claimed.

“One of the last cabinets I did to test Keith had a heavy garbage bag in front of it. He managed to push this bag aside and got into his food bags. Now I had to put all his servings in plastic containers with lids that open. We’ve tried puzzle feeders to slow them down, but it just flipped them over“, detailed.

Treatment and medications for the cat

As the woman explained, once the pet entered her house, everyone tried to feed her and that’s what led to weighing more than 2 kilos.

“We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on him over the years. He was taking a lot of medications in his first year trying to fix problems with his eyes and ears when he was a kitten.”safe.

“At one point we had food specially prepared for him, since he had a urinary problem and the usual food for that is so high in calories that I couldn’t risk him eating it. The food was $ 50 a bag and he was at it for three years. In 2020 we paid hundreds for blood tests for Cushing’s disease, diabetes, and more, but they all came back negative. Due to his size, there is also the concern that he will not wake up from the anesthesia in case of having to undergo an operation “, detailed.

This is the lock they put on the fridge so Keith doesn’t steal food.

“It’s a vicious cycle for him. When he takes antibiotics, it causes him more stomach problems, so he has to eat with an appetite stimulant to make him want to eat, which exacerbates the weight problems.” he continued.

Criticism for Keith’s weight

While many people suggested that she let Keith choose the life he wants to lead, there were other netizens who criticized her because they weren’t taking proper care of him.

“We get criticism online and if I had seen a cat his size years ago, he would have thought we weren’t caring for or overfeeding him. That’s not the case with Keith. I’ve had cats for 30 years, but I’ve never had one that is this overweight. We don’t know what else to do. “, Hill.

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