He got out of jail after a decade and now they believe he stabbed his aunt to rob her

Two hours later, after having shared food with the retiree, the man proceeded to leave. Halfway there, she told her aunt that she had forgotten her mask, so the victim started looking for it around the house. The prosecution maintains that at that time, Flavio Berguecio grabbed Quiroga from behind, covered her mouth and stabbed her repeatedly in the abdomen and neck with a kitchen knife. He then fled the scene with a wallet containing cash and the murder weapon.

The victim managed to survive the attack since although he suffered 7 injuries from stab weapons, none was deep enough to take his life.

This Wednesday, the prosecutor Carlos Torres requested preventive detention against the suspect of the crime in Las Heras, who is charged with the crime of attempted murder criminis causa. That is, for the magistrate, Berguecio stabbed his aunt in order to kill her to guarantee impunity for the robbery. He risks a sentence of 10 to 15 years in prison.

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Crime in Las Heras: they believe that Flavio Berguecio stabbed his aunt to rob her.

But it is not the first time that he has faced a similar accusation. In mid-2008, Flavio Berguecio was sentenced to 17 years in prison for a robbery followed by death -In that trial he escaped from life imprisonment. A year earlier, on May 27, 2007, he had driven in a remis to a parking lot located in calle Barcala al 77, in the city. The man had worked at the site. He faced the watchman in a fight where he ended up taking his life and ended up taking cash and the fatal victim’s cell phone, as reported at the time by the newspaper El Sol. With that phone he paid the driver who waited for him a few meters from the property and took him back to another place.

Even the parking lot caught fire after a gas can exploded, affecting 16 vehicles that were on the scene. However, in the trial it could not be proven that it was the murderer who generated the fire and for that reason he did not suffer a more serious sentence. In mid-2018, having served two-thirds of the sentence, Berguecio agreed to parole.

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