He found out that his son had Covid and to avoid getting infected he chose to carry him in the trunk of the car

A singular case caught the attention of several people in a testing center of Covid-19, in Texas, United States. A woman came to that place in her car to take a test and to avoid getting infected, she took her son to her 13-year-old son, who was positive for Covid, in the trunk of the vehicle.

The protagonist of this unusual event is Sarah Beam, a 41-year-old teacher, who works as a teacher at Cypress Falls School. The woman faces charges against her because On January 3, she attended a Covid testing center, located in northwest Harris County, with her son locked in the back of her car..

Upon arriving at the scene, several witnesses indicated that they began to hear some noises coming from the back of Beam’s vehicle, according to the New York Post. Knowing this situation, the director of health services, Bevin Gordon, asked the woman to open the trunk and they discovered that inside it was her 13-year-old son.

On January 3, a mother attended a Covid testing center with her son locked in the back of her car.

The teacher explained that She made this determination to avoid getting infected after learning that her son had tested positive in a test that was done previously. In addition, she stressed that she not only wanted to swab herself, but also wanted them to confirm by means of a PCR, if the young man did indeed have the virus or was a false positive.

At that point, Gordon told the mother that neither she nor the child would be tested until the boy got out of the trunk of the car. Once the boy got out of the trunk, the authorities at the scene chose to call the police to report the incident.

Police later noted that the younger “He was not injured”. When questioning the teacher, she assured them that her son was positive for coronavirus, something that was later confirmed, and that she had put him in the back of her vehicle so that he would not infect her.

Beam was charged for “Putting a minor at risk”She was detained for only a few hours until she was released after posting bail set at $ 1,500, according to Harris County court documents. In addition, from the institution where she works, they made the decision to suspend her until the investigations against her are completed.

This week, prior to appearing in court, the teacher received the support of former students and some parents from the educational community where she works. Who not only spoke out in his favor, but also they decided to hang banners around their home with phrases that highlighted their actions and how much she means as a teacher to them.

Finally, Sarah Beam appeared before the Justice yesterday, January 13, where her charges were read and the judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to accuse her of endangering her son’s life. The magistrate even questioned the prosecution itself, which only presented the security camera of the testing center as an appeal. The judge considered that with these tests it could not be verified whether the woman really endangered the life of the 13-year-old adolescent.

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