“He did not approve”: Daniela Nicolás questioned Gabriel Boric’s studies and sparked debate in networks

Daniela Nicolas She had been away from social networks, as she said that she had been hospitalized for the past two weeks.

However, on Tuesday the journalist returned with everything to platforms such as Twitter, where she launched an unexpected political question that left the big one.

The former Miss Universe entered the presidential race, questioning the candidate’s university studies Gabriel Boric.

“Serious question. A person without a university degree in our country cannot be a higher education teacher but can be President of Chile? “, was the first thing the blonde pointed out.

And he added: “Since everyone talks about Boric’s degree. The degree is given to you when you pass the degree exam in your case. Question that he did not approve. Greetings”.

The discussion that Daniela Nicolás generated

Daniela’s questions immediately brought up hives. And, for and against, several were encouraged to answer him.

“Yes, Daniela can. To believe even that a person with a university degree is better qualified to exercise a POPULAR position is simply to live in a bubble and see ourselves as a ‘company’ ”, a follower told him.

Meanwhile, another said in a bad mood that “It can be whatever you want, now aspiring to be Miss Universe is much more questionable.”

For this reason, and after receiving several responses, the journalist finally answered on her platform that “you have to be very radical to tell me a façade just to put a topic on the table.”

Daniela Nicolás ended her speech regretting that “When there are no valid arguments, the new fashion in Chile is attacked.”

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