He bought some sneakers and they stole them when he left the premises: the police managed to arrest the thief

A man on a motorcycle took the bag out of his hands and sped off.

A 36-year-old man was delayed on Sunday night on Sarmiento avenue and Varela street, in Resistencia, for steal a pair of sneakers from a young woman 24 minutes after buying them.

According to the Chaco Police, the victim of the robbery he had bought some sneakers at a local downtown when, on his way out, a man on a motorcycle took the bag from his hands and sped off.

The young woman called 911, which she delegated to the Motorized Operations Corps (COM) to try to find the perpetrator of the crime. Later, the troops began to go around the city in search of a man aboard a C150cc motor scooter with a box of the Adidas brand inside a bag from a sports venue in the city.

Around 23.25, the motorists managed to find the suspect, the motorcycle and the new pair of shoes that the young woman had bought hours before.

The man was immediately transferred to the Twelfth Police Station and the victim of the robbery was invited to search for his recovered belongings and to file a formal complaint.

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