He ascended with Trasandino and is excited to imitate the path of Cristián Zavala to return to Colo Colo: & quot; I would like to take that turn & quot;

Last December 18 will be a date set for Los Andes. Trasandino achieved the desired promotion to Second division when defeating with a solitary score of Carlos Svec in front of Provincial Ranco. The forward’s conquest left behind the negative streak brought by the institution, after spending four years in amateur football.

When there are days left until a month has elapsed since that event, the protagonist of that feat himself spoke with On court Y remembered with joy what happened. The 22-year-old attacker is training con Lautaro de Buin, but without clearly defining in which team of the bronze division of the national football he will play.

In addition, Svec took the opportunity to tell the plans he has for the future and revealed details of the path his career has taken, stating that he has the illusion of vForget the club that saw him born, in a story that was seen very recently in Macul with one of his signings: Cristián Zavala.

Why do you think the promotion was achieved with Trasandino?

What we had is that we were united, from beginning to end and that was the factor. Beyond the good game that we also had.

In scoring matters, you were important. Did you plan to stand out in that area in 2021?

I didn’t think about it, but I still wanted to, as I had just come down with Lautaro de Buin and wanted to stand out again. I was very comfortable at the club because the people there are very cool, everyone supports you and I was very happy to have scored the goals, especially in the Final League, which were the most important and we were able to get promoted.

In the relationship with the coach, did you feel as a group that he could lead you in a good way with the idea of ​​the game?

Yes, Luis Pérez is a good coach. We had some encounter, but as in any campus, but everything is always fine. He is always very professional and gave his best.

For someone who doesn’t have many references to you, what are the football characteristics that stand out the most for you?

I’m still a player with neighborhood characteristics. I am brave and I like to go to the clash during the game. I like to finish off the goal a lot and that’s the best I have. I feel like the best thing I have is the shot from outside the area.

Svec with his teammates from Trasandino celebrating the title of Third A

And with which footballer with that reference do you identify yourself?

I really liked the Brazilian Adriano, the forward. And now I like Edinson Cavani, because I have a similar style of play, he is strong.

What are your aspirations for 2022?

The idea is this year to stand out by scoring goals. To be able to play hard in the Second Division, because I believe that already in the Third Division I burned the cartridges as they say and now I want to consecrate myself.

“I had an injury between 7 and 8 months and then I left Colo Colo”

You did your lower divisions in Colo Colo, but you finished them in another club. How was that process?

I reached the Sub 16 category, then I was in the 17, but then I had an injury between 7 and 8 months. After that I went to Magallanes and stayed there for about six months. The other half of the year I was alone training. Then I went to Aragua in Venezuela, where a DT that I had managed the contact for me and I was there for about four months, and then I returned to La Pintana Unida.

Was the injury that left you out of Colo Colo very complex?

Yes, it took me a while to recover. It was a fractured ankle, cleft tibia and I fractured my fibula. Later I returned and the club told me that I would be a week on trial, as another evaluation and I did not think because I was going to go back all that I had advanced. So there I started. In the team I shared with Carlo Villanueva, with Iván Morales less, because they always raised him in series and with Ricardo Álvarez, who recently was with me in Trasandino.

But the illusion of returning to Colo Colo exists already after the years?

Like any player of course, it is a dream to be in Colo Colo or in another First Division team. It is the future, to be able to consecrate oneself and from there to aim up as I have always said.

Svec when he was in the Alba quarry against Audax Italiano

Analyzing the story you tell, would you like to do that long lap that one of the signings made, Cristián Zavala, who was trained in Macul and now they bought him again?

Yes, it seems to anyone. I have been in Third B, Third A, now Second Division, but I would like to take that turn and what better way than to be in Colo Colo.

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