He agreed to a 14-year sentence for killing Culón, an 18-year-old boy who lived in the Ludueña neighborhood

A 30-year-old man agreed to a 14-year prison sentence as the author of the murder of Kevin “Culón” Brest, committed on December 16, 2018 in the Ludueña neighborhood. He is Gabriel Alcides “Tito” Sánchez, pointed out by several witnesses as the one who was carrying an 11.25 caliber pistol and shot Culón in the context of a conflict where neighborhood fights were mixed with disputes related to drug dealing.

In those days of 2018, a series of homicides had shaken that backward sector of the Northwest. None of the victims, who lived within an eight-block radius, were older than 18 years. Nahuel Duarte was 16 and died of a fatal shot on November 28 a few meters from his home in Tucumán and Solís. He had just become a father and was searching for them with masonry and plumbing trades. Luciano Martínez was the same age and lived in Tupac Amaru and Barra. On December 9, he died at the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital (Heca), where he was hospitalized for a beating that a gang gave him to get his bicycle out of him. Added to those murders was that of Culón Brest, 18, who was killed by two bullets in Tupac Amaru and Cullen in the framework of a discussion with a group of kids identified as transeros in the service of Brian “Gordo” Sánchez, Tito’s brother, who has been sentenced to 20 years since last April for the crime of Nahuel Duarte.


“All this started because Fat Brian was selling drugs in the neighborhood, and he wanted to occupy the territory in that part of Ludueña. All of them meet in Barra and Tupac Amarú at the height of the road, where they sell drugs, and they also usually go to Garzón and the road, where they also sell, “said a testimony that was incorporated into the file of prosecutor Adrián Spelta to explain the context of the Kevin Brest crime.

A member of the Brest family also added: “This has been going on for a long time, because they, that is, Tito, Flaco Omar, Gordo Brian, Brandito and Huesito, want us to sell drugs at home, but we never did. They want to put a drug dealer in the neighborhood and we don’t want to. That is how they always threatened us ”.

With this latent rivalry, on the morning of the crime there was a skirmish between Culón Brest and a certain Hernán, whom they pointed out as part of the Gordo Brian bandit.

Culón and Hernán fought hand-to-hand and when the second died, he had the chance to lose. “In addition, this boy Hernán had hit Kevin’s mother about two months ago, and since then he had been in a fight with him,” added another witness. There are also those who say that Culón had taken a weapon from Hernán. There Tito Sánchez entered the scene, who hours before committing the crime spoke with the victim’s mother.

She told it herself: “Around 10 o’clock Tito came to my house on a big motorcycle and told me that my son, because of Culón, had fought with his brother-in-law, that is, with Hernán, and he told me that my son And another kid had taken a firearm from Hernán, so Tito told me to get the iron back because if he didn’t come brave, to which I told him he was threatening me, and he said no, to tell him that to Kevin “.

Events unfolded in the worst way a few hours later. At 1 p.m. Kevin was with three friends in front of a Cullen and Tupac Amaru corridor when three or four men approached from the tracks.

They all drew weapons but it was Tito who pointed a boy named Ezequiel at the head, who started running. Tito shot him and a bullet hit the 20-year-old in the knee.

The shooter then went against Kevin “Culón” Brest, who also tried to run away. But he couldn’t: a bullet fired by Tito went through his back and another hit him in the neck. Badly wounded, he was taken by a neighbor to the San Martín Polyclinic, but he did not survive.

Tito fell five months later from a data provided by the Brest family after recognizing him on top of a Renault Clio driving through the four squares in the Belgrano neighborhood. A sister of Kevin wrote down the patent and a brigade of the former Investigative Police (former PDI) worked on the data until they found Tito in Nuevo Alberdi.


After spending a little more than two years in preventive detention, during which time he was subjected to studies to determine if he suffered from chagas disease, Tito Sánchez admitted responsibility for the crime and accepted the sentence of 14 years in prison for aggravated homicide and carrying a weapon. , a pity that took into account “the active and voluntary repentance” of Tito.

The agreement between the prosecutor Spelta and the public defender César Baroni was approved by a Postma court, Isabel Mas Varela and Héctor Núñez Cartelle.


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