Hanover cannot conquer the foxes either – Erlangen is climbing

The Füchse Berlin remain undefeated after the 7th matchday, the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf could not stop the capital club. There was no winner in Göppingen, but HC Erlangen won abroad and climbed.

Paul Drux cheering

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Berlin has continued its streak and remains unbeaten in the handball Bundesliga. In Hanover, the foxes won on Thursday evening with 25:22 (13:12). The capital city’s best thrower was Hans Lindberg with six hits.

The game in the arena in Hanover was balanced from the start. Both teams started the game with a lot of speed and commitment and gave each other little (4: 4 / 10th minute). Correspondingly high was the physical effort on both sides, which resulted in five two-minute penalties in the first quarter of an hour.

Due to the many interruptions, both teams had their problems making the game run smoothly. Whereby the foxes on the difficult to play, offensively designed defense of the hosts with the well-reacting goalkeeper Urban Lesjak in the goal. Therefore, there was no goal for the Berliners for over seven minutes. So a 6: 4 lead turned into a 6: 8 deficit (18th), which the Berliners were only able to equalize again at the break.

But even in the second half it remained critical for the guests. Again the Berliners struggled with their throwing efficiency and quickly fell behind (15: 18/40.). Only in the 52nd minute did Mijajlo Marsenic equalize at 21:21, shortly afterwards captain Paul Drux scored the opening goal. The foxes were ultimately able to win the final sprint.

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