Hamilton’s sincere reaction after crash with Verstappen that left him in ‘shock’ at Monza



British driver Lewis Hamilton starred in one of the most talked about sporting moments of the last weekend.

This after crashing his vehicle with that of his current maximum rival, Max Verstappen, and being miraculously alive. Or rather, thanks to the halo.

It all happened on lap 26 of the 53 scheduled for the Monza Grand Prix: after joining the track after stopping in the pits, Hamilton saw Verstappen try to overtake him and closed the way to the Dutchman in a corner to prevent it, touching both cars and ending up in the gravel, with the Red Bull on the Mercedes.

Both drivers were undamaged, but were unable to continue the race: “I feel lucky today. Thank God for the halo, which saved me and saved my neck “Hamilton said about that element added to the cars for greater safety.

“We take risks and only when you live something like this do you realize how you see life and how fragile we all are,” he said.

Some media reported that Verstappen was angry with Hamilton, considering that the Englishman left him “out of space” when entering the curve. Nevertheless, the race direction considered the Dutchman the “main responsible” for the incident and later sanctioned him with three fewer positions on the grid at the next Grand Prix, that of September 26 in Sochi (Russia).

Neither Verstappen, leader of the World Championship with 226.5 points, nor Hamilton (221.5) scored points in the Italian Grand Prix, 14th round of the season (of the 22 scheduled), although the Dutchman increases his advantage thanks to the two points scored on Saturday after finishing second in the sprint race that served to define the starting grid for the race.

This abandonment prevented Hamilton from achieving his 100th Formula 1 victory. and the next chance to get it will be at the Russian Grand Prix.

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