Halo Servers Shut Down on Xbox 360 Ending an Era

Old franchise games can still be enjoyed through The Master Chief Collection

Microsoft and 343 Industries closed last Thursday (13) the servers that provided multiplayer matchmaking of the series’ main titles Halo to Xbox 360. The decision affects Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 4 e Halo 3: ODST (in Firefighting mode) and marks the end of an era of online gaming from the flagship FPS to the platform.

Shutting down the servers also affects all file sharing functions, as well as player customizations, Service Records, and Halo: Reach e Halo 4. A table released by Microsoft shows which features were disabled in each title and shows that games like Halo Spartan Assault and the first Halo Wars were the least affected by the decision.

The decision was announced by 343 Industries in December 2021, inspiring many players to return to the titles to make their last losses or unlock missing achievements. While many of the titles’ online features were affected, players will still be able to participate in Custom Games, which use peer-to-peer connections and do not rely on server maintenance.

Halo fans pay tribute to the series

the andThe shutdown of the series’ game servers for the Xbox 360 resulted in a series of tributes shared by fans on social media. Many took the opportunity to remember the great activities that titles like Halo 3 record in their releases and to share their memories of the affected games.

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While support for the games has ended, you can still enjoy them on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC through The Master Chief Collection. The collection has the advantage of offering content that was not present in the original release — Halo 3, for example, has new maps, weapons and skins.

In addition to keeping the collection’s multiplayer mode alive, 343 Industries works on improvements for Halo Infinite online play. Recently, the company stated that it is working on new content, as well as ways to prevent the use of cheats in the game through a major update that should arrive in mid-February.


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Source: Windows Central, GameSpot

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