Haitian police and migrants clash outside the commission’s offices

MEXICO CITY.-This Thursday there was a confrontation between dozens of Haitian migrants and elements of the police of Mexico City, as they require that their temporary asylum process to be able to work and avoid being deported, be expedited.

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The brawl took place when Caribbean migrants they tried to jump the fences metal installed at the entrances to the offices of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid (Comar), and enter through the force to the property, as happened last Wednesday, when they caused the interruption of service to the public blocking the entrance.

Caused a Haitian woman to faint

The event took place outside the building located on Calle de Versailles number 49, in the Juárez neighborhood, when protesters and police who formed a human fence, equipped with shields, engaged and engaged pushes and pulls, which caused a 27-year-old Haitian woman to faint and will remain on the pavement until elements of the Emergency Medical Rescue Squad (ERUM) they cared for her.

After the moments of tension, the police controlled the situation and Comar officials spoke with the migrants to explain that they will all be catered, but with order and the application of sanitary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Since last Monday, dozens of Haitians they have protested in front of the Comar offices by the slowness with which your requests are attended temporary asylum, since many of them claim that they have been six months pending their official documents that guarantee a regular stay in Mexico.

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