Guzmán and Feletti presented the new Care Prices program to the IMF

The Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman and the Secretary of Commerce, Roberto Felettiheld a meeting this Friday with officials of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in which they presented the new stage of the Care Prices program.

The meeting took place within the framework of the Government’s negotiations with the credit institution where they presented the program that includes a basket of 1,321 mass consumption products with prices agreed with more than a hundred companies.

“Inflation is a problem for the functioning of the economic system and we must solve it,” said Guzmán, who added that “the National Government is working for it based on a comprehensive strategy” to attack the structural causes of the inflation problem.

Along these lines, the official considered that the program “constitutes an important element for the process of attacking the inflationary phenomenon in Argentina.”

For his part, Feletti affirmed that “the opportunity to expose this type of anchor or anti-inflationary strategy to the Fund staff of a basket of 1,321 products that is regulated, that can be reviewed quarterly, constitutes an important advance in what is the set of measures that must cover the fight against inflation”.

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