Gustavo Valdés presented the ECO + Vamos Corrientes en Esquina candidates

The Governor affirmed “On November 14, the town of Esquina will have a” better future “with works and decent employment.” And he was very harsh with the current mayor Hugo Benítez of the Frente de Todos, whom he described as “capricious, rude, authoritarian and uncoordinated,” accusing him of being disrespectful to women and inattentive to the city under his charge.

Other voices also added their criticism on the occasion, stating that this municipal management implied a “postponement” for the people of the corner, leaving dark, dirty streets without sewers, in addition to not fighting the pandemic, among other nonsense.

The event took place at the headquarters of the General San Martín Association, after 20, where in addition to the Bianchi – Rohner formula, the candidates for councilors Mauricio González, Silvana Espinoza, Camila Díaz, Nicolás Davichino, Gloria Fornies and Hugo Mancini were presented . On the same stage, the candidates for national senators Eduardo Vischi and Gabriela Valenzuela and national deputies Manuel Aguirre, Sofía Brambilla and Carlos Gatti were also presented, in the same way as the national senator and deputy governor-elect Pedro Braillard Poccard, the candidate for mayor of San Isidro, Carlos Martínez, and the provincial deputies María Eugenia Mancini and Diego Pellegrini.

When taking the floor, Valdés thanked on the occasion “the people of the corner, because 70 percent voted for me on August 29”. However, the President recognized later that “in no other place was I ignored and mistreated like here”, in clear reference to Mayor Hugo Benítez. Next, he argued that “if the institutions are not respected, the ordinary citizen will not be respected, either.”

In this sense, Valdés denounced that “this mayor did not want to receive the ministers of the provincial government”, and considered his election as communal head unfortunate, saying that “we cannot put rude in front of the government of Esquina.”

Likewise, the Governor also questioned Benítez for his performance in the face of the pandemic due to his lack of “balance”, recalling when the mayor publicly declared that he proposed to expand the local cemetery. And in this context, he called the local government “capricious”, because “it did whatever it wanted” in an “authoritarian and uncoordinated” way. He also recalled when last year Valdés took a photograph with a municipal employee who controlled vehicles on Route 12, then Benítez pursued the worker with employment.

And he was very emphatic in condemning Mayor Benítez’s treatment of women, as publicly disclosed through videos and whose scandal was even shown in national media. “You do not have to summon them to your office at night to eat empanadas,” Valdés lashed out about it. Thus it was that the President demanded “dignity” for the women of Esquina, using Valenzuela, Brambilla and the provincial deputy Mancini as an example. “We want to summon women to represent us,” he said, understanding that “we must work on gender issues, because it is the time for equality between men and women.”

“We need worthy representatives who do not undermine the popular will,” he later affirmed to further deepen the criticism of Benítez, “a mayor who repaved five blocks in four years.” And he compared efforts by ensuring that “I did seven times more as Governor than this mayor and with Pipo and Arnoldo we are going to do much more.” Thus it was that Valdés mentioned some works carried out by the provincial government in Esquina: “We made the drainage of the city in the southern part, the streets Los Ceibos, Vidal, and much more than this mayor (in terms of pavement).” And the list continued: “We are building the hospital for the people of Esq so that they have adequate health, social housing that comes from funds from the province of Corrientes and with Pipo and Arnoldo we are going to build hundreds more homes for the people of Esq.”

Then, the Governor asked the local citizens to “think about the useful vote”, not only taking into account the works, but also in “seeing how we generate employment”, for which he demanded to Benítez: “That he drops a idea for the development and progress of the town of Esquina “.

However, Valdés predicted a change on November 14 in this town, because his “people are brave and brave who will know how to decide what their best future is.”

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