Gustavo González was the most voted in Santa Cruz

The Front of All acknowledged last night that the results were not as expected for the Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Primary (PASO). The space that leads to the mayor of Puerto Deseado, Gustavo “Kaky” González, got individually the highest number of votes, keeping a list of units in accordance at the national level. Anyway, the Front of All remained in second place in the percentage of fronts, with 27.01% compared to 39.22 in Cambia Santa Cruz.

Discriminating by location, the Everyone’s Front in Rio Gallegos got a 20.13% of the votes, with 98.98% of the counted tables being the second most voted force, although González ended up being the most individually elected candidate.

As expected, González in the town of Caleta Olivia disputed the first place with the tanker Claudio Vidal, ranking second in the individual measurement (6,124 votes) and third in the contest between the fronts (25.12% votes, despite not competing among them).

Finally and referring to The Calafate, the Frente de Todos was the most voted space both in total (50.61 of the votes), and individually (5,582 unique voters).

With these numbers, the Frente de Todos is not content only with having won the “head to head” and they are already thinking about how they will work towards November to enrich the flow of votes. Yesterday they pointed to South Time what will they look for reinforce those localities where they were weakest, highlighting the need for a proper quorum to be achieved.

The result was not the most optimal on the part of the FDT, although the authorities, the candidates and the militancy of the space they bet to redouble their efforts from here to November to improve the result and seek the two seats in Congress. After 22:00, the spaces that converge in the FDT met in the bunker located on Avenida KirchnerThe act being led by González through a video call from Puerto Deseado and Moira Lanesan, who was in person. Outside on stage were the mayor of Río Gallegos Pablo Grasso, the Minister of Government Leandro Zuliani and the president of YPF Pablo González.

We are happy like the rest of the members of the list for the choice we have made. The list of the Frente de Todos, the one that each one of you has militated for, is the one that received the most votes in the province, ”he indicated in the first instance. González speaking for the militancy.

“The work they have done is impressive and it is something that we talk about with the candidates. When we got to the towns there were people who did not know us, even our colleagues themselves. Today we are here in the race and that was the effort that each of you has made”Said the candidate.

(The militancy outside the bunker of the FDT. (JCC)).

Redouble efforts

He remarked that the day was satisfactory and called not to lower his arms. “We have to return with that mystique of working, military and being able to visit all the neighborhoods. We have almost 60 days ahead of us, where they will take us through each of the neighborhoods. This is the best option to represent the list of each Santa Cruz. The pride that we have integrated in seeing Cristina put our vote in the ballot box, gives me the greatest satisfaction”, Said González.

Continuing with his speech at the closing of the electoral act, González called for an even greater effort, pointing out that the proposals must be taken to each locality. “We have to be grateful for everything because the effort is not only ours, but twice what they have put in.”

During the video call, the Mayor of Puerto Deseado was accompanied by the rest of the list, pointing out and emphasizing that it is a federal army with representatives from all parts of Santa Cruz. For the Mayor, being able to count on this flow of votes is important and he harangued to prove it in the months that remain between now and November.

Since 2005, in Puerto Deseado, we did not win a midterm election”He recalled and the audience broke into applause.

In Río Gallegos, being the most voted candidate has to fill us with pride. This list is of unity, plural, of consensus. The one that will work for each one of the militants who is in command today, “he pointed out, adding:” Let’s not be fooled by those opposition windows and speak to every citizen of the province.

We are already officially candidates“, Hill.

Facing the militants

The second to speak was the candidate Karina Nieto, who did it from Río Turbio. He rescued the campaign and the federal tour that they carried out from the Frente de Todos, explaining that it was a short campaign with a lot of territory. “We are grateful to each colleague and We call to work for November in that space that we know how to meet with each colleague. They are going to give us this vision of what our comrade will need to put in the debate in the National Congress. “

Closing the act, Moira Lanesan He went outside and spoke from the stage to the militancy. “We are a present state, we are at the bottom of the canyon and we are part of the process. We have to keep looking for votes, perhaps from some neighbors who don’t know who we are. We want to thank the FDT prosecutors, who were attending. I ask that we continue to insist on vaccination, to continue to militate“, Hill.

(The neighborhoods were asked by the military for November).

With the last hours of Sunday, the authorities and the members of the Frente de Todos sought cool the head and rearrange the pieces to put together the best electoral strategy for November. There are two months left and the care of looking for those two benches is still intact.

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