Gustavo Bueno: “I have an aversion to melodrama” At the bottom there is room | Shows

Despite years of friendship with Michelle Alexander, it is the first time that Gustavo Good He works at his production company: Del Barrio. We see him every night as Don Antonio in the telenovela ‘Maricucha’, where he plays a wealthy widower who, in order to give a lesson to his two ambitious daughters and son-in-law, decides to ask the housekeeper (Patricia Barreto) to marry him.

and she had an exceptional performance when she played Edith Piaf in the theater ”, the actor recently arrived from the city of Tacna tells us, where he and a group of friends have a tradition of enjoying a few days at the beach.


“There were a number of factors that made the offer attractive to me, besides, of course, the great friends there. And I am very happy with my teammates, and the same will be when I record ‘At the bottom there is room’. In the case of ‘Maricucha’ I accepted because it was also a comedy and not a melodrama, since I have a certain aversion to melodramas because they seem to me that they are never well done, “he says.

Bueno accepts that the fence is very high after the expectation that the public has shown for the return of At the bottom there is a site. Photo: America TV capture.

Why did you agree to go back to ‘At the bottom there is a site’? He knows that after the end it continues to repeat itself and he is not doing badly at all.

Yes, and that is why I accepted because one has the need to work, there is no idle actor or who wants to be idle, and age does not matter. Here you don’t think about retirement, only when they take you out feet first, right? (smile). But in the meantime, one works. Luckily so far I have always been able to work on what I like. For this year I have two films to be released and that I filmed before the pandemic. One with Pancho Lombardi (Amelia) and another with Adrián Saba, a very talented young man. I have already seen a first version of both tapes and have been very satisfied.


You said you are happy working with friends. How did the complaint against Mayra Couto, who accused Andrés Wiese of harassment and mistreatment, give you?

It was a bit embarrassing, you can’t be out of it. It was left in speculation and nothing more, right? And there the matter died. I think everything is canceled, there are no more charges. They are both friends, young people, both newcomers then, and that this kind of thing happens and those levels of confrontation are reached is unpleasant for all the other colleagues. Outside of that I have no more to say.

Karina Calmet, at the time, made a labor complaint (in 2016 she went to the Labor and Social Security Commission of Congress to publicize the labor situation of workers in order to have their labor rights respected) and reported bullying inside the series.

The Karina thing … she is not going to return to the series. He was not a very relevant character, he was in a way, but I think that in the series sometimes they go for it. They go on the side of one character or another.

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