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In addition to sharing his proposals and other material on social networks, Bolívar decided to show his followers how to vote for their political group in the next few Parliamentary election that will take place on Sunday, March 13.

He pointed out that his group required five million Colombians to mark the Historical Pact box on the card to “end the congressional mafias.”

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However, the ‘pedagogy’ was not the best, as Bolívar shared the image of the card where you see an X (X) out of the box and overflowing other spaces.

We will be at the end of the card. Pedagogy will be very easy

To vote correctly, according to the instructions of the Registrar’s Office, the party box must be marked with an X. If it is marked, as Bolívar did, outside the box, the vote is invalid.

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“Be very careful with the pedagogy, in this way the vote is annulled”, “this is the example of a null vote, watch out”, “batteries, the pedagogy to vote must be done well”, are some of the comments of the Internet users by the senator’s instructions.

Faced with the mistake, he had to correct: “Beware of going to mark outside the box like the tweet above.”

And he added: “Better that the X (X) does not go out of the box so that the vote is not annulled.”

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“Can you imagine where we lose the elections by one vote? What if that vote is yours? “He commented in another video.

The National Registry The ID card registration platform will close this Thursday, January 13 at midnight. However, a new period will open in March if citizens want to change their polling place.

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