Guillermina Valdés launched an application to achieve integral well-being

The app is called Metamorfit, it was developed in Europe by training and nutrition professionals.

Guillermina Valdés became a guru of healthy life on social networks, sharing her daily routines with her more than 2.5 million followers. In this context, he announced the launch of a application to help people improve their quality of life and physical performance.

The app is called Metamorfit, was developed in Europe by training and nutrition professionals and contains tools and guides for eating and training.

As revealed by the model and actress she tested it, noticed changes And since the advice that appears there is aligned with what she promotes in social networks, she decided to be an active part of the change of other people and help them to sustain those actions over time, that is, they become permanent.

The application is available for cell phones and tablets, it contains all the tools and guides for its users to be able, together with Guillermina’s accompaniment, to sustain their decision to change over time and to do so permanently.

The app is available for cell phones and tablets. The program incorporates functional and effective training sessions, adapted to the level of each person and their evolution, requiring very basic material for its execution and can be carried out anywhere. In addition, it teaches how eat healthy, enjoy it and not depend on ineffective and impossible diets to keep in time.

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