Guatemala once again registers more than 4 thousand new coronavirus infections while few people get vaccinated this Wednesday

The Ministry of Health reported this September 15 that 4,229 new coronavirus infections were registered, of a total of 17 thousand 87 tests carried out in the different laboratories of the country.

In addition, 64 more fatalities registered in previous dates and 0 in the last 24 hours.

With these data, the country adds 519 thousand 986 accumulated cases of covid-19, as well as 12,859 deaths.

Recovered patients add 464 thousand 443 and active cases, 42 thousand 677.

The cumulative incidence per one hundred thousand inhabitants was 3,084.4, the mortality rate for that same figure was 73.1 and the fatality of 2.4 percent.

Few are going to get vaccinated

The vaccination centers that were enabled for this September 15, the bicentennial day of the country’s Independence, they registered little influx of Guatemalans.

A tour of the Guard of Honor post and the Plaza de la Constitución showed that few people got vaccinated.

Guatemala is going through an unprecedented rise in infections and experts have advised that the most effective means of stopping infections is the coronavirus vaccine.

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According to Health data updated this Wednesday, 3 million 931 thousand 445 people have been vaccinated with the first dose and 1 million 881 thousand 412 already have the complete scheme.

The target population set by the Government It is 10.5 million Guatemalans with a complete scheme.

Despite the fact that this Wednesday there were several vaccination centers, few people attended to get immunized. (Free Press Photo: Esbin García)
(Free Press Photo: Esbin García)
(Free Press Photo: Esbin García)

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