Guarello and photo of Medel with the Golden Generation: «puts a photo of the bastards and the others are grained rice»

Juan Cristóbal Guarello became a trend again on social networks, due to his sayings by the image that Gary Medel uploaded, in which he shows the Golden Generation, in addition to a motivational message for today’s game of Chile vs Venezuela.

Guarello’s words

The journalist noted in DNA radio: «Medel’s Instagram is very striking, it puts a photo of the bastards, the crack, (as if saying) ‘it’s us, and the others are grained rice.’

As advice, Guarello pointed out: “Maybe if I had put a photo of the entire squad, but they, those of the golden generation, put on it and they make even more difference with the others.”

For this reason, he used a player to show this example: “So, Carlos Palacios comes in and thinks’ how do I get in here, I have to ask permission, I have to knock on the door, I have to pay honors.”

For this reason, Juan Cristóbal Guarello pointed out that young people have not yet joined La Roja in a good way due to these behaviors: “It costs a lot to enter that lot with confidence and the one who entered came from England, because he did not understand (Brereton).”

Gary Medel’s Image

The great 2-0 victory over Paraguay in San Carlos de Apoquindo, made the whole country trust again in all those players who have given so much joy to the country year after year, footballers who continue to shine abroad and when they play the red usually leave everything on the court.
Let us remember that through his social networks, the Bologna defender sent a heartfelt message to the Chileans, along with a background image where he shares with the great references of everyone’s team: Mauricio Isla, Alexis Sánchez, Claudio Bravo, Arturo Vidal and Charles Aránguiz.

“Many years, many games, good and bad moments. Discussions and joys. Hugs and fights. Here we continue rowing all together, stronger and united than ever. The national team, our family, our Red ”, Medel launched on his Instagram account.

After that, he harangued the team for the crucial game against Venezuela: “Tomorrow again to give up life for the colors. Come on Chilito Carajo “.

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