Guards shoot a thief and thwart robbery in the town of Gómez Palacio, El Siglo de Torreón

Security guards of a gin detain and shoot a subject who was caught stealing inside the establishment; two others managed to flee. Like the thief budget, the guards were insured, since they did not have permission to carry weapons.

The events were recorded around 5:30 in the morning of this Wednesday when a call for help entered the 911 emergency line in which the robbery in the gutter was reported, so that the personnel of the Security and Safety Directorate Citizen Protection went to the Brittingham town of Gómez Palacio, where the “Manuel Murua” gin is located, where the officers met with the three security guards, who moments before had surprised three men inside the establishment trying to steal the pieces of a light transformer, as well as copper wire.

It was when trying to stop them that one of the alleged thieves attacked them with an ax, which is why the person in charge of ginning was forced to use his firearm, wounding the alleged thief in the left shoulder, while the other two involved During the robbery, they ran in different directions, managing to flee, being the same guards who requested the presence of the security agents in the place, as well as an ambulance.

Upon the arrival of the agents, the paramedics had already provided first aid to the probable thief, who identified himself to the preventive elements as Jesús Fernando “NN”, 39 years old, who was transferred into custody to the Clinic facilities number 51 of the IMSS of Gómez Palacio for his specialized medical attention, where he was under medical observation, reporting a stable state of health upon admission.

For their part, at the scene of the events, the municipal agents asked the guards for the corresponding permits for the weapons they carried, however, they were unable to provide the documentation, which is why they were seized, two of them for carrying weapons. without the corresponding permission and the third for the lack of said document, as well as his responsibility for injuring the alleged thief.

The detained security guards were placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office and identified themselves as Diego Alberto, 16 years old, César Adrián, 22 years old, and the person in charge of the ginner who was accused of operating his weapon, Daniel, from 34 years old.

The weapons that the agents seized and handed over to the Public Ministry as evidence are a 22-caliber rifle, a special 38-caliber revolver, and a 22-caliber revolver.

On the other hand, the injured person upon receiving his medical discharge will be presented to the investigating agent of the Public Ministry of the Laguna Region Vice Prosecutor’s Office for the necessary investigations and to determine his legal situation, as well as that of the insured guards.

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