Guadalajara will supervise that “restaurants” also request a vaccination certificate

The mayor of Guadalajara, Pablo Lemus Navarro, reported this Thursday that the City Council will also monitor the “restaurants” that function as bars so that they require a certificate of vaccination against the virus, with at least one dose, or one negative PCR test.

“It is not a collection measure, what we are motivated is to get people vaccinated”

The foregoing, he said, because it has been identified that these places take advantage of their “restaurant” license, but allow agglomerations in them similar to those of bars, increasing the risk of contagion among the people who go to their establishments.

“The operations will be mainly in clubs, bars, casinos and event rooms. They are the places where we have the highest concentration of people who do not use the mask due to the type of turn to which they are dedicated. And we know that there are some restaurants that actually act as bars, especially in areas such as Chapultepec, there we will be around midnight to demand that they are requesting this vaccination certificate because they are not really restaurants, “declared the mayor of Guadalajara.

The establishments of the municipality that do not comply with these measures will be entitled to a warning, but in case of recurrence, they will be closed, although during this first weekend, he said, there will be no closings to give the opportunity for businesses to establish their protocols to fulfill the measure.

“It is not a collection measure, what we are motivated is to get people vaccinated. We do not want to be closing businesses everywhere ”, added Lemus Navarro.

Finally, he specified, in those restaurants that do operate as such and that have the distance between tables well established, as well as their capacity, it will not be necessary to present the certificate or proof.

On January 10, the new measures to be established in the Entity to prevent contagion of the virus in the fourth wave of cases were published in the official newspaper El Estado de Jalisco.

Among them, it is established that in bars, clubs, casinos, event rooms, convention centers and stadiums, as well as concerts and mass events, People over 18 years of age must prove that they have at least one dose from their vaccination schedule or present a negative result of a PCR test carried out in the previous 48 hours.

“The vaccination scheme may be accredited with the vaccination certificate issued by the Federal Government, the vaccination ballot delivered in Jalisco or another federative entity, or with the proof of the vaccination applied abroad”, indicates the document that will be valid by at least until next February 12.



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