Grêmio is eliminated by Novorizontino in Copa São Paulo


The current runner-up Grêmio was eliminated from the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior by Novorizontino early this Friday night (14). The team from the interior of São Paulo made 2 to 1 against the southern rival, at Estádio Zezinho Magalhães, in Jaú, reached the fifth victory in five games and qualified for the round of 16 of the tournament. Now, he faces the winner of Falcon and América-MG, a duel scheduled for the same day, at 18:30. A little earlier, in the city of Bálsamo, Mirassol defeated Sport 2-0, with goals from Du Fernandes and Gabriel Tota, and is also among the top 16 in the competition.

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Novorizontino managed to score the net right at the beginning of the match. Rômulo received a free-kick in the area and played over the goalkeeper, but the goal was rightly disallowed for offside. It didn’t open the scoring, but it served as a calling card for the most unsuspecting. The São Paulo team arrived for the game accredited for having won the four matches it had played so far. scoring 13 goals and conceding just three. The Tricolor gaucho, which plays in the tournament with an under-19 team – this year’s Copa São Paulo allows up to under-21s – won three and lost one in the first four matches. Thus, the first half was marked by balance until the final stretch. At 34min and 38min, Novorizontino fitted two counterattacks from the right and scored twice. First with Rômulo, receiving sugary assistance from Bertuol, and then with Cauã Santos hitting a left-handed kick.


Grêmio decreased right at the beginning of the complementary stage. I hadn’t even given time to rehearse a pressure yet. Cuiabano received a free-kick on the left, at the entrance of the area, and shot goalkeeper João Vitor. Despite the goal, the gaucho team could not suffocate the opponent and had only three good chances. Cuiabano tried to hit it again with force, this time from outside the area, and it slipped into João Vitor’s post at 26min. At 40min, Arthur Viana was launched on the right, inside the area, but couldn’t balance to hit with direction. In stoppage time, on the basis of desperation, he still had an opportunity, without success. It was the last of Grêmio, which ended up being eliminated from the Copa São Paulo by the undefeated and 100% Novorizontino success.

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