Gregorio Dalbón said that people charged Alberto for the celebration of Fabiola and the VIP vaccination


The photo of the controversy. In the middle of the quarantine, a birthday was celebrated at the presidential Quinta. “The photo of Fabiola’s birthday is worth a thousand words,” said Gregorio Dalbón.

Cristina’s legal representative stated that “Fabiola’s birthday photo is worth a thousand words” and that people added to this “the issue of the VIP vaccination”. That is why “people charged for it and now we have to face the mistakes and see how to recover,” he considered.

Mass resignation in the cabinet

Interior Minister Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro was the first to make available to President Alberto Fernández his resignation in the midst of the crossings that took place within the government itself due to the need to renew the cabinet after the hard defeat in the elections last Sunday.

In addition to the head of the Interior portfolio, other officials of the ruling party followed the same path.

  • Jorge Ferraresi (Minister of Housing)
  • Martín Soria (Minister of Justice)
  • Roberto Salvarezza (Minister of Science and Technology)
  • Fernanda Raverta (Executive Director of ANSES)
  • Luana Volnovich (directora del PAMI)
  • Tristán Bauer (Minister of Culture of the Argentine Nation)
  • Juan Cabandié (Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation)
  • Paula Español (Secretary of Internal Trade)
  • Pablo Ceriani (president of Aerolineas Argentinas)
  • Martín Sabbatella (president of Acumar)
  • Victoria Donda (president of Inadi)
  • Jaime Percick (Vice Minister of Education)


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