Green light from the Brussels parliament for a three-month extension of the use of the CST

There were 52 votes “for”, 10 “no” (PTB-PVDA and Vlaams Belang), and 23 abstentions – the rest of the opposition, except Vincent De Wolf ‘(MR) and Bianca Debaets (CD&V) who voted for. It was the Brussels government that proposed this extension. According to the Brussels Minister of Health, Alain Maron (Ecolo), the conditions of application of the CST remain unchanged. This decision to extend the system follows the opinion of the Risk Assessment Group (RAG), which recommends the use of the CST in view of the epidemiological situation. .

This device will be subject to a monthly evaluation depending on the health situation.

The current ordinance expires on Saturday January 15, which is why the deputies were summoned to a plenary session Thursday at the end of the day.

In opposition, David Leisterh (MR) felt it was important to stick together in the face of the new wave. However, this did not prevent him from reiterating the Liberal group’s grievances with regard to the system: a lack of significant impact on contamination; an absence of quantified thresholds, the late tabling of the text in parliament …

“While the CST is useful, it is only one piece of the puzzle in managing the Covid-19 pandemic … We have had very little debate and information to assess this tool and identify which places it could be improved. There is a failure in the democratic debate and, in the end, we miss the objective which is to have the most efficient tool possible so that we agree to further restrict our freedoms “, pointed out the head of the cdH group, Céline Fremault.

Jan Busselen justified the negative vote of the PTB / PVDA deputies: the process divides the population; it undermines democracy by limiting access to culture; it is an exclusionary measure.

In the majority, all gave the feeling of supporting the extension of an instrument to be considered as a lesser evil, but little more in a context of significant rebound in contaminations in the Capital Region whose hospitals are under high pressure. For the moment, the Covid Safe Ticket is still considered there as a proportional means of action among others.

Magali Plovie (Ecolo) insisted on the need to move from individual responsibility in the pandemic to collective state responsibility, in terms of health.

For Marie Nagy (DéFI), it is necessary to temporarily extend the CST to guarantee fundamental freedoms in the same way that one cannot “drive at 310 km / h” on the highway to preserve the life of others. This does not prevent the elected Défi from pleading like others for a follow-up in committee, in particular of the report of the commissioner corona.

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