Great Britain – Johnson has to apologize to the Queen

London. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been battered by a series of scandals, is coming under increasing pressure. The occasion is a media report about two more parties in his official residence in Downing Street. According to the “Daily Telegraph”, these were not only celebrated despite the current corona restrictions, but they also took place on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, last April. Prince Philip died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99. Until his funeral on April 17th, there was a national mourning across the country.

On Friday, for the second time this week, Johnson felt compelled to apologize for parties at his official residence – but this time even directly to the Queen. The events are met with less and less understanding among political opponents, but also in their own ranks. Calls for resignation are getting louder.

“It is deeply unfortunate that this happened at a time of national mourning,” a spokesman for Johnson told reporters. They apologized to the palace. Johnson had already stressed this week that behavior in the seat of government must meet the highest standards. The spokesman added that the Prime Minister was at the Checkers manor on the day of the celebrations, April 16.

Alcohol from the supermarket, swings ruined

Only on Wednesday did Johnson apologize in Parliament for attending a garden party that took place in May 2020 in the midst of the first corona lockdown.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, the celebrations in April 2021 must have been boisterous. Employees are said to have bought large quantities of alcohol in a nearby supermarket, music was played on a laptop and a swing belonging to Johnson’s son was broken. All this is said to have taken place, although at the time there were limits on gatherings of people from different households due to the pandemic. The day after the Downing Street parties, the Queen bid farewell to her husband of 73 years at St George’s Chapel. Because of the corona restrictions, she sat alone in a row of pews in the church.

Because of the blown parties, Johnson is in one of the worst crises of his tenure. This has already been overshadowed by several other scandals, such as the use of donations to renovate Johnson’s office.

Party colleague advises Johnson to “leave the stage”

While the opposition has long been calling for his resignation, members of the Conservative Party are increasingly moving away from Johnson, fearing that their voters will punish them on their behalf. “Unfortunately, the prime minister’s position has become untenable,” said Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, a former Johnson supporter. “The time has come to leave the stage.” For Parliament to be able to vote on Johnson’s future, 15 percent of the 360 ​​Conservative MPs must express their no confidence in the prime minister.

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