Grabois: "Before the anger of the people, some head has to roll"

The referent of the Excluded Workers Movement (MTE) Juan Grabois redoubled criticism of the Government for the defeat in the PASO and considered that “before the anger of the people, some head has to roll” in the Cabinet of President Alberto Fernández.

“When the people ask for blood, some head has to roll before the anger of the people,” said the social leader.

In radio statements, the lawyer complained that “the government’s economic policy is almost neoliberal in some respects.”

When analyzing the performance of the candidate of La Libertad Avanza Javier Milei in the city, Grabois considered that the liberal channeled the “discontent” and explained: “The votes of Villa 31 and 15 are not votes of the right, they are votes of angry people and that he is right “.

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Regarding the claims to the Government, he regretted the “damage” that is being done “to the political coalition, with a siege” to the head of state, although he accused him of being “the most responsible” for the electoral setback in Sunday’s primaries. .

In that sense, the MTE referent expressed that he “prays” so that Alberto Fernández “hears the cry of the people and does not put himself in a defensive attitude or hypocritical denial, saying I listened and don’t do it.”

Facing the generals of November 14, Grabois asked that “the measures taken are not a circus and that they comply with them”, after ensuring that this “is a very Buenos Aires Cabinet”: “To (the chief of the Cabinet) Santiago I respect Cafiero, but for me the Cabinet does not work. There is a level of uncoordination that is ordered with someone of weight who cuts the cod. (The Minister of Economy) Martín Guzmán is a smart guy, but he lacks street and political training ” . “Our people are giving the government the opportunity to realize that it is going the wrong way,” he said.

Given this, he demanded the “urgent” implementation of a “universal salary” such as the IFE and the reduction of the tax burden on SMEs so that it can generate more work.

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