Government warns sanctions for false certificate

Today the new restrictions begin to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Those who intend to have fun and visit casinos, bars and clubs, stadiums (their capacity will drop to 60%), concerts, convention centers and mass events, must present their vaccination certificate or negative PCR test.

The Guadalajara City Council announced that it will supervise that the measure is also complied with in restaurants in the municipality.

The warning from the state authority is that the alteration or falsification of the voucher will be sanctioned with the same penalty that is applied for falsifying any official document. Article 162 of the State Penal Code establishes that two to six years in prison will be imposed for this cause.

And in the federal Penal Code the penalty is higher. Article 243 refers that this crime will be punished, in the case of public documents, with imprisonment from four to eight years.

Yesterday, the Government of Jalisco reiterated that the commitment of citizens is needed not to try to deceive. Anticipated that In two weeks an application will be available to have a state vaccination certificate.

After determining that the document is a requirement to access places of leisure and recreational activities, managers or facilitators of the process to obtain the certificate proliferated in social networks.

In Facebook and WhatsApp groups, help to download it is offered. In one of the ads they state that they can solve problems such as having been vaccinated abroad or if the person does not want to be vaccinated, but needs the document.

In another group, the offer is that they can print the certificate in plastified and credential format.

The process of the vaccination certificate is free through the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

In case of identifying an inaccuracy in the data, the correction can be made on the aforementioned site or via the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Inai).

Last night, the state Health Secretariat reported 2,500 COVID-19 infections in one day. It is the highest record in the State so far in the pandemic.


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