Government sets prices in Cuban pesos for cement

The Cuban government set the new prices for cement in national currency (CUP), and reported that this product – highly demanded by the population – will be sold in the country’s construction material stores.

According to information published in the official newspaper Granma, the retail prices were set by Resolution 126 of 2021 of the Ministry of Internal Trade that appeared in the Official Gazette on Thursday, January 13, and include two types of cement: white CAB-16 and gray CA-16.

“CAB-16 White Cement in 42.5 kg bags will cost 183.00 CUP (Cuban pesos) per unit; and bulk CAB-16 White Cement will cost 4.00 CUP per kilogram,” the document details.

For its part, “the Gray Cement CA-16 in bags of 42.5 kg will amount to 79.00 CUP per unit and the Gray Cement CA-16 in bulk at 1.50 CUP per kilogram.”

At the end of last year, the head of the Cuban Ministry of Construction (Micons), René Mesa Villafaña, assured that the country’s cement industry would begin “the path of recovery.”

He said that this expected “trend” would begin to express itself more ostensibly in 2022, when “1,400,000 tons of cement will be produced.”

He pointed out that so far the product is sold on the domestic market “in freely convertible currency”, whose stores will receive 100,000 and 150,000 tons for sale.

The sale of cement at prices consistent with the economy of Cuban families it is an unsatisfied demand of the population of the country, where more than 60 percent of the houses have constructive damage and many of them need urgent repairs.

This context has worsened in recent years because cement production has remained unstable since 2019. Micons has been unable to meet plans, which is reflected in less capacity to build and repair homes and an increase in prices. .

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