Government of Mexico has applied more than 2 million antiCOVID doses in Coahuila

The Secretary of Welfare, the Coahuila delegation, announced that in the entity there is an advance of 90 percent in the application of first doses throughout the state in people of legal age.

The agency mentioned that since the vaccination days began in the state, 2,850,190 anti-COVID doses have been received, of which 2 million 723,144 have been applied from different pharmaceutical companies in all age groups, including the health sector and teachers, in first and second doses.

Of the doses applied, 1 million 054 thousand 415 people already have their complete vaccination scheme while 634 thousand 314 Coahuila have one dose.

The Federal delegate in Coahuila, Reyes Flores Hurtado, reported that, during the next few weeks, the days of missing second doses will be made known through the official Facebook page of the Coahuila Welfare Secretariat, so it is important be on the lookout to receive the biological.

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