Government of Cuba manipulates photos of Yunior García in its attempt to link him to the United States.

The cub governmenta manipulated photos of the playwright Yunior Garcia, one of the organizers of the “Civic March for Change” of the citizen platform Archipelago, in their attempt to link it to USA.

The official blog Reasons of Cuba, one of the main promoters of the public murders of independent activists, journalists and artists, has published a series of manipulated photos of the playwright to expose him, without any proof, as a “mercenary paid by the empire”.

With crude montages of a photo of an interview that the playwright gave to the independent journal Periodismo de Barrio, after the events of the 11J, the aforementioned blog has exposed the activist as Superman, Cuervo, Diablo with the repeated manipulative message that he is in the service of the US government.

However, users on the networks have been in charge of dismantling the crude manipulation of the photos and have shared the true images that have been used to present Yunior García as a “traitor to the Homeland”.

The user Mag Jorge Castro on his Twitter account unmasks this manipulation and shares the real images that the aforementioned blog uses for its political assassination campaigns.

“The first is a photo taken from an interview that Yunior García gave to @periodibarrio … the second is the same photo edited by State Security and exhibited yesterday on national television … this is how its discrediting machinery works, “says the user who shares the two photos.

Another user comments on the manipulated photos that “these threats of official discredit only serve to publicly rivet, publicly, the cleanliness of the morals of the country’s political actors: no one believes them anymore!”

Also in other opinions it is said that “it happens that the Cuban misgovernment has always been causing fear with the story of the Americans and the invasion and all those trifles.” “That characterizes the dictatorship a little more. They are capable of anything with remaining in power. It is good that these things happen so that the world understands a little better what is happening in Cuba. They have no way to prove anything about him and they do this to him. Cowards !!! “

“These minions are the worst. Cuban jurists do not appear, if they had dignity and love for the career they studied, something else would be achieved in the courts. There is a network of infinite complicity ”, concludes another of the opinions.

Reasons of Cuba has deployed a dirty campaign and direct attacks against Yunior García since he announced the proposal of the “Civic March for Change.”

In one of his first articles they accused him of “false patriot”, “egocentric” and “ungrateful”, among other denunciations.

The note, signed by Marco Velázquez Cristo (the same profile that at the beginning of July wrote that a scene of massive anti-government demonstrations would never take place in Cuba), assured that the artist’s speech is “loaded with hypocrisy and messages aimed at confusing and mobilizing feelings of solidarity with his positions, pretending to hide the spurious interests that move it “.

Also in March of this year, the official spokesman Humberto López threatened García Aguilera on TV, reminding him that “citizens have the right to fight by all means, including armed struggle, when no other recourse is possible, against anyone who tries to overthrow the political, social and economic order established by this Constitution ”.

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