Government crisis in Sweden: Andersson runs again for election

Dhe Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, who was elected on Wednesday and resigned shortly afterwards, will again stand for election in the Reichstag next Monday. The President of Parliament Andreas Norlén announced on Thursday in Stockholm.

Matthias Wyssuwa

Political correspondent for Northern Germany and Scandinavia based in Hamburg.

Previously, he had consulted with the heads of the parties about the muddled discussion, and finally nominated Andersson again as prime minister. Norlén criticized what happened this Wednesday. He deeply regrets what happened on Wednesday. He feared that this could damage the people’s confidence in the Reichstag and the political parties. That makes politics seem unpredictable and unreasonable.

The 54-year-old Social Democrat Andersson had only just become Prime Minister on Wednesday morning, 174 MPs had voted against her, and 174 had either voted for her or abstained. Since an absolute majority of the votes against her had been missed by one vote, Andersson became the first woman Prime Minister in Sweden. She ran with a red-green minority government, tolerated by the Left Party and the bourgeois Center Party. However, their minority government collapsed a few hours later when the joint draft budget failed to find a majority in parliament.

Minority government possible

This happened because the Center Party abstained from Andersson’s election but was no longer willing to support its budget – as it had in turn made concessions to the Left Party in order to get their support for the election as prime minister. Instead, the bourgeois opposition’s draft budget, in which the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats had participated, was decided on Wednesday afternoon. The Greens then announced that they would leave the government. It is not their job to implement a budget in the government in which the Sweden Democrats have participated. Shortly thereafter, Andersson asked for her release. Parliament President Norlén also explicitly criticized the Greens for their behavior on Thursday.

In the next few days, Andersson has to clarify how and from whom she should continue to receive support. It is likely to run with a one-party government consisting only of its social democrats. They have 100 of the 349 seats in parliament. The Greens had already announced that they would tolerate her in the election for Prime Minister, the Left Party and the Center could probably do the same. The next Reichstag election is due in ten months.

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