Google won’t reopen offices until July-2021

Until next summer, the search giant has decided to keep many employees at home. 

For many workers, Google has decided that offices won’t reopen until next summer due to coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, CEO Sundar Pichai stated to employees that through June 30, 2021, the search giant will be extending its option of work from home, for roles, there is no need to be in an office. 

The move, prior detailed by the Wall Street Journal, will affect almost the entirety of the tech giant’s approximately 200,000 full-time and agreement workers.

Earlier this month, Google postponed the reviving of its US workplaces after coronavirus cases flooded in a few states. Previously, CEO Sundar Pichai recently stated that the search giant would begin bringing employees back starting on July 6, but then said workplaces will stay shut until in any event Sept. 7. There have many companies whose employees at Google have been working from home so that to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus could be spread slow. Back in May, Pichai said to employees that they’ll likely work distantly for the remainder of 2020. Back in May, Pichai told representatives that they’ll likely work distantly for the remainder of 2020. The Google CEO supposedly settled on the choice to additionally push back opening offices a week ago, to some extent because of uncertainty around school years

As of Monday, the US has recorded in excess of 4 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, where more than 146,000 have already died. Globally, there are confirmed cases of more than 16 million, as indicated by the COVID-19 database of Johns Hopkins.

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