Good girl syndrome, how to know if you have it

This is a syndrome that must end, since like men we deserve to satisfy our wishes and needs, this time I will talk to you about the good girl syndrome, which many women have developed due to low self-esteem and the environment.

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Pleasing others before them

When a woman suffers from this syndrome It is always downplayed, that is why she believes that her interests are worthless and must please others to be accepted and not criticized. Remember that you are your highest priority and satisfying others should not be your main goal.

They are so cautious that they shut up everything

Today it is less likely than before to find a submissive woman, but the sad thing is that there are still cases, the good girl syndrome makes these women believe that their opinion is not important, that is why they prefer to keep quiet to avoid creating any conflict.

It’s hard for you to set limits

With partner, family or friends, generally they are those people who allow themselves to be managed as others please, even if it means that it can damage their integrity, it is a characteristic of a woman who does not know how to set limits and who has not realized that she is being the puppet of all.

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Its value depends on others

They never recognize how successful they are and their qualities, unless someone else does, that is why they feel the need for approval and fear of disappointing others, this only fuels the unsafety and the low self-esteem that doesn’t let them get out of that hole.

They idealize other people

They create a fictitious image of other people, either because of the fear of being alone, of conflict, or simply because they do not recognize that they are the victims. What is verified when someone hurts them and they justify said action by accepting that they are the problem.

What influences

There are certain aspects that influence a woman to develop the good girl syndrome, such as demanding environments, this is seen in childhood when they are subjected to a Pressure excessive and if they make a mistake, they are always singled out for making a mistake.

Some phrases also remain very engraved, such as: “With that character no one will love you”, “These things are not said by a young lady”, please do not mark your daughters in this way, let them grow without instilling gender roles that were established by the patriarchy and machismo.

Good girl syndrome, how to know if you have it. Photo: pexels

Fortunately the youths At present we are already resuming the elimination of these attitudes imposed only by the fact of being born a woman, in addition to encouraging all the others that are in our environment not to allow attitudes that detract from their value.

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