Gomita dresses as a schoolgirl and with Rapunzel’s hair

Gomita dresses as a schoolgirl and with Rapunzel’s hair. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Aracely Ordaz, better known as Gomita, gave again what to talk about by dressing up as a schoolgirl and with Rapunzel’s hair. The Mexican youtuber delighted her fans with a flirty outfit with which she remembered her school days and made her followers vibrate by showing her leg.

The beautiful former member of the morning show Sabadazo, Aracely Ordaz, Gomita, whose host was the actor and comedian Omar chaparro; she looked stunning, although without showing too much, a schoolgirl outfit, while posing behind the back of a roller coaster, as if she had gone “for a pint.”

“Guess what school I’m from. That girl from school that you didn’t like, do you remember me?

The image shows Gomita dressed in a gray pleated miniskirt with green squares, accompanied by a green sweater with a print on the front, as well as white tennis shoes and high socks.

The beautiful Mexican influencer wore her hair longer than ever, very much in the style of the princess of the fairy tale that Disney took up to make it into a movie, Rapunzel, as it reached her hips, and she wore it arranged in defined waves. Apparently, Gomita spent part of his weekend in an amusement park, as you can see some games in the image, such as a huge roller coaster.

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Aracely Ordaz She generated controversy with her schoolgirl look, because on her Instagram account she received endless comments, from those who praised her for her beauty, to those who called her ridiculous for her clothes, arguing that “she is old enough to dress like that” .

“You are already very old for those schoolgirl lucks”, “You marry me”, “Beautiful as always”, “How beautiful the Gomis”, “All a GODDESS”, “I pray to you”, “Woman’s leather”, “What beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful and super mega very beautiful that you are, Gomita ”,“ Beautiful you are and what beautiful legs you have my love ”, were some of the comments.

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The exuberant Internet personality shared in his stories his walk through the amusement park, where he took the opportunity to take photos with some followers, and later documented his visit to the goblin museum, where he even brought sweets to whom he described as “beings magical ”.

Gomita She proved to be a true follower of these urban legends, because at the end of her visit, she presumed that she bought three goblins to take home, “I have already brought many magical beings to my house,” she wrote.

Definitely, Aracely Ordaz She is one of the most beloved personalities on the internet, although she has always been involved in controversy for different reasons, such as the multiple surgeries and arrangements that have been performed to stylize her body, as she did recently in Venezuela, with a prestigious plastic surgeon, Doctor Henry García.

With this arrangement, the beautiful sister of Lapizito She assured that she has lost more than 8 kilos, and she feels very happy with her new change, which consisted of reducing the size of her stomach to eat less and lose weight, and now she looks spectacular, and above all, she feels better about herself.

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