Goku unveils this new, even more powerful form

The new episode of the series Super Dragon Ball Heroes just unveiled a whole new form for Goku. The super Saiyan warrior has indeed developed a new form: the Super Saiyan Blue (which also appears in Dragon Ball Super). Well this transformation today has a name and an established origin.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes : focus on this series

In 2018, Toei Animation studio decides to start producing a new series Dragon Ball. While Akira Toriyama continues to develop Dragon Ball Super, screenwriters Yuki Kadota and Yoshiyuki Suzuki have embarked on the production of a new animated series derived from the universe DBZ titled Super Dragon Ball Heroes. This is an animated ONA that offers a story parallel to that of classic continuity. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is therefore not canon and chooses another destiny than the classic saga Dragon Ball. Historically, it is even after the events of Dragon Ball Super. The series therefore chooses to take liberties by borrowing elements from DBS like a Dragon Ball GT For example the shape of Super Saiyan 4 (which does not exist in the classical universe of Dragon Ball).

The series once again follows Goku and Vegeta training on Beerus’ planet (as in DBS). They are warned by Fû that Trunks has returned, but that he has been captured. The duo therefore leaves, accompanied by Maï, in search of their companion to free him. Thereby, the show has been broadcast since July 1, 2018 on the official YouTube channel of Dragon Ball Heroes as well as the official website of the anime.

Goku’s New Form Explained

As in all other adventures Dragon Ball, the focus is on the famous Goku. Over the years, over the series, the protagonist has unlocked an impressive amount of transformations. Thanks to Super Dragon Ball Heroes, more is known about his Super Saiyan Blue form. An update has been made in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. It turns out that Goku can now draw his strength from Super Saiyan Blue: the power of the Universal Tree. Concretely, he managed to steal the power of Fu, to channel it, and to transform it into divine energy. A change that gave Goku his new power and his transformation into Super Saiyan Blue.

Obviously, the universe Dragon Ball continues to expand the power of Goku. The Tree of the Universe was a great opportunity to justify the appearance of these new capacities.. This new version of Super Saiyan Blue is even more powerful than the previous one and offers some slight modifications. For the moment, this new form is reserved for Super Dragon Ball Heroes, but with the universe DBZ anything is possible, and maybe this transformation will end up in the main timeline. As for Dragon Ball Super, the universe continues to expand. Chapter 80 is expected to be released soon, while a new film titled Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero is also expected later this year.

Official names of these 2 new forms.

Goku “Super Saiyan Blue: Power of the Universe Tree”
Fuu (Youth) “Complete Absorption of Dogidogi: Power of the Universe Tree”

Yes, this Goku is multiversal level.#SDBH pic.twitter.com/AlGQ0edyB3

January 12, 2022

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