Godoy Cruz fired the official involved in the highway scandal

In February 2020 the Court of Auditors uncovered a scandal in the Provincial Directorate of Roads. Specifically, when reviewing the balance sheets for the 2019 financial year, they found that there were unjustified expenses and that the staff had used money from the petty cash for personal purposes. Even the former Human Resources manager, Corina gallardo, a vacation on the Atlantic coast had been paid for with DPV funds. Despite the fact that she admitted the crime and acknowledged having forged the signature of the head of Highway, Oscar Sandes, upon being disengaged from Highway, she returned to work at the Municipality of Godoy Cruz where he had a reserved position.

Corina Gallardo, on the left of the image.

Over the course of more than a year, different claims were made to the mayor to dismiss an employee from the staff who had acknowledged being part of a circuit of embezzlement in a public entity. The mayor’s response Tadeo Garcia Zalazar it was that the crimes had been committed in another agency so he could not terminate her. It even tied the destiny of Corin Gallardo the result of the criminal investigation that was being carried out against him.

“First, Gallardo effectively has a plant position in this Municipality that was reserved when he began to fulfill functions in the Provincial Directorate of Roads. Once her relationship with that provincial agency ended, the agent returned to the municipality and was reinstated and assigned to provide services in the Human Development Secretariat, because there was no inhibition against her to prevent it, considering that like all public employees she has stability in his position in accordance with the provisions of Law 5892 “, they expressed at that time from the commune.

However, this Friday the councilor of the Frente de Todos Martin Gonzalez made known that Gallardo was laid off by the municipality.

“The official was protected by the mayor of Godoy Cruz and today we learned that the official in question has been laid off after an administrative summary, “said the mayor of the Frente de Todos.” This is a triumph of democracy, transparency and the Peronism that it controls, “he stressed.

The truth is that according to the response to a request for public information presented by González, Gallardo was finally separated from the municipal plant. “Proceed to apply the severance penalty to the agent Corina Mercedes Gallardo for having incurred in the cause provided in article 41 of the law 5892“, he expresses.

This article contemplates unemployment, for example, in the case of “intentional crime foreign to the administration that nevertheless seriously affects the decorum of the function and the prestige of the agent” or “incurring fraud due to an act foreign to the administration in question. “.

The presence of Gallardo in the municipality had been denounced by the Front from Everybody on the Deliberative Council in June of last year. “According to the data we have, Corin Gallardo is currently working under the leadership of Tadeo Garcia Zalazar, in the municipality of Godoy Cruz, in the health area “, the senator had expressed at that time Lucas Ilardo.

To understand the case it is necessary to remember some expenses included in the investigation. In addition to out-of-hours fuel loads in non-DPV vehicles, an expense incurred for a trip to Mar de Ajó with a stay was displayed on behalf of the Human Resources manager, Corina gallardo. During her vacations, the official paid for fuel, meals in restaurants, markets (wholesale and retail) and lunches for several people with highway money. The state entity’s box was also used for meals on weekends or after hours or regular hours and without any connection to an official commission.

Other purchases that were detected, for example, were gifts for Valentine’s Day, jewelry, chocolates, flowers, meals in fine dining restaurants and personal loans to employees. Gallardo acknowledged having been responsible for forging Sandes’s signature to authorize the outflow of money from the petty cash.

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