Goddess! Tini Stoessel’s ultra hot dress that stole all eyes on Instagram

After her starring role in the Disney series Violetta, Tini Stoessel began a successful musical path. So much so that she is currently one of the most recognized Argentine artists worldwide for her songs.

Two weeks ago, he premiered his song “Bar” with L-Ghent and it is already a hit on digital platforms. In fact, on YouTube it accumulates more than 28 million views and its challenge is all the rage on social networks.

The artist is not only loved and known for her professional side as she also managed to establish a special connection with her fans. In interviews, concerts and in meetings with her followers, Martina is friendly, cheerful and very sociable, which makes her more lovable.

Despite the fact that at the beginning of her artistic career she was more linked to the youth audience, Tini was leaving her childish profile behind over time and began to be more mature, both in the lyrics of her songs and in her outfits.

So much so that, this Thursday, the young woman caught the attention of her millions of users on Instagram by showing the ultra sensual look she chose for a night out with friends at a luxurious Miami casino.

It is a tiny and tight black dress, which surprised everyone because it is super bold and hot, which was accompanied by high-heeled shoes in the same tone.

Along with a black heart emoji, the singer managed to dazzle everyone by sharing the incredible photographs of her sexy outfit that revealed her arms, abdomen and legs. In less than 24 hours, her surprising posting garnered more than a million “likes” and hundreds of messages, in which they complimented her beauty and splendid figure.

“My mother”; “That beautiful”; “Pretty”; “Goddess”; “How beautiful!”, were some of the many comments that Tini’s publication got. However, the most prominent was that of her friend and colleague Maria Becerra, with whom he recorded his single “Mienteme”. “She so precious”, wrote the interpreter of “Caramelao”.

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