God of War PC Port Was Developed in Two Years

Title can already be considered one of the best ports for computers

God of War for PC is already among us. The port was released today and we’ve already showcased here in advance the excellent work on optimization that Jetpack Interactive has done, under the supervision of Santa Monica Studios. The developer invested a significant time so that the port was something worthy of praise. Work started in 2020, according to the game’s technical producer, Matt DeWald.

He made it very clear that he prefers to play on mouse and keyboard, as that’s how he played during the two years of development. “Actually, I prefer to play, most of the time, with mouse and keyboard now, because I’ve been working on it for two years, and it’s been my default. I feel like it’s super natural to play (God of War) with keyboard and mouse,” says DeWald.

During your interview with Game Informer, when asked about playing a PlayStation title with an Xbox controller, he said it’s “amazing”. “We don’t have a problem with that. You can even use Switch control too,” he adds. “We even put in all the callsigns so you don’t get confused about which button to press.”

Matt DeWald goes on to say that any controller will work normally in God of War for PC. “We’ve tried to add as many options as possible. Why limit the people who want to play the game?” said DeWald. He says the team had to change the entire buttons interface to add the buttons symbols for other controls, in addition to keyboard keys and mouse buttons. “There’s a lot of work just doing that,” he says.

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The God of War technical production manager said that “more frames definitely help with the reaction a little”, when asked if the 60FPS will help in the fight against the dreaded Valkyries. “We’ve added NVIDIA Reflex, which will slow down the reaction time a bit too. I’ve never beaten Sigrun, so I don’t know. I tried for four years and I kind of gave up,” says DeWald.

If the PC port took two years to develop, work began less than two years after the initial PlayStation 4 version was released. The production of God of War for PC even impacted Santa Monica Studios’ planning for the development of the game. sequel, God of War: Ragnarok.


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Source: Game Informer

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