Girls affected by the Ferreyra Expansion fire progress favorably

As a result of the fire that occurred in a house on Tuesday night, three girls were injured and they were referred to the Children’s Hospital.

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On the mobile of Chronicle Noon, Juan Ledesma, director of the hospital, explained that, upon entering, the most serious was the 2-year-old girl with carbon monoxide poisoning, signs of airway involvement and “deterioration of your neurological status”.

That is why she, the youngest of the three, entered intensive care, although “so far it has had a very good evolution and it subtracts the assessment of his airway status “” as stated by Ledesma.

On the other hand, the other two affected, two and 14 years old, are in the emergency area. “The one of 4 has some sign of airway and it remains to see its clinical evolution, therefore it will continue under observation, “said the director of the Children’s Hospital.

On the side of the 14-year-old girl, she had slight burns on both forearms. “We estimate and hope that the evolution of the three girls is optimal”, assured Ledesma.

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