Ginger tea and more infusions that help reduce inflammation of the stomach

Sometimes we feel that the body is more swollen than normal, either the heat, some food, stress or some other reason may be responsible but if you want to reduce inflammation of the stomach you can well incorporate a ginger tea.

There are also more infusions that you can drink whenever you feel inflamed in your stomach, and there are times that it can be so annoying that not even your clothes fit as well as always and triggers other discomforts, so avoid it at all costs.

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Ginger tea

Ginger tea is one of the most effective drinks to eliminate inflammation caused by gases, it also helps treat nausea and protects against stomach ulcers, it also fights fungal infections and relieves period pains.

For the days of greater inflammation you can have one of the hot drinks three times a day after each meal. Another recommended is the mint infusionIf you think that job stress or some other situation keeps you with inflammation then this herb is ideal.

Mint tea

Peppermint tea is a natural painkiller and improves the immune system, it also favors the weightloss and reduces stress levels, is useful for treating digestive disorders and serves as an antiparasitic and to combat headaches.

Ginger tea and more infusions that help reduce inflammation of the stomach. Photo: PEXELS

Very few people know that through mint we can obtain ascorbic acid known as C vitamin, as well as acetic and benzoic, it even has vitamins B1, B2 and B3, essential for the metabolic process and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron or magnesium.

Laurel tea with cinnamon

Sometimes the swelling of the belly is due to indigestion caused by the ingestion of foods rich in fats so the has laurel with cinnamon is one of the most effective for eliminating gases from the body.

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Laurel tea with a little cinnamon it fights bloating and stomach ailments, although you should know that this infusion is not indicated for pregnant or lactating women.

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Chamomile tea

One of the most popular your that relieve stomach inflammation is chamomile tea with anise, which reduces stress and anxiety and it also relieves menstrual discomfort and improves the digestive system, so you have more than one option to feel more relieved.

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