Gift wrapping: the most beautiful ideas that will make an impact under the tree

Gift hunting is your favorite sport and any occasion is the right one for you to tackle it? Birthdays, births, Christmas, housewarming … are your favorite moments and you are always on the lookout for small intentions that will touch those around you. But who says gifts, says packaging. If for some, it is a real chore, for you it matters as much as the present it contains. But you don’t necessarily know how to go about impressing your loved ones with original and personalized gift wrapping …

Gift package: inspiration to perfect your packaging

The lack of inspiration blocks you in your creative desires and your lack of know-how pushes you to give up? Thanks to our ideas spotted on the web, forget your fears and go for it. Advice, inspiration, step by step, here’s what to unleash the artist who lies dormant in you. Bet on a touch of humor, a dose of trend and a maximum of daring so that your packages shine brightly under the tree. And for that no need for sophisticated material, string, cinnamon sticks, pearls, old photos, kraft paper or even matchboxes can be enough to sublimate your gift package. Armed with a pair of scissors, nothing will stop you.

Furoshiki: tie your gifts in fabric for a greener Christmas

Although all of these ideas can already recycle small items, your green fiber demands more. Very little for you all this packaging which inevitably comes to swell the pile of waste and invade the trash cans. So, to switch to greener mode, get started in the furoshiki. You know, this Japanese method that allows us to swaddle our gifts in pretty fabrics. A super zero waste alternative which, in addition to doing good for the planet, will surprise those around you. You will see, it’s as easy as pie!

Overview of 25 gift wrapping ideas that will make your loved ones want to not open their presents too quickly.

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