Geraldine Bazán falls in love with her beauty without makeup drop and black fishnet bodysuit

Geraldine Bazán falls in love with her beauty without makeup and black fishnet bodysuit. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Undoubtedly, something that totally tests the beauty of a woman is to show herself with her face completely washed, just as the beautiful Mexican actress did. Geraldine Bazán, who fell in love with her natural beauty without makeup and a black fishnet bodysuit with which she showed off her charms and spectacular figure to the fullest. The beautiful actress of the series 100 Days to Fall in Love delighted with its charm and found that you do not need poses or filters to look beautiful.

It was through his Instagram account that Geraldine Bazán She showed off her beautiful face while taking one of her therapies to strengthen her knee, after having suffered a skiing accident that damaged her ligaments and menisci 9 months ago.

The beautiful and talented actress of successful soap operas such as For Amar Sin Ley and Victoria She impressed her followers by showing herself as she is naturally, with her face washed without a trace of makeup, or a filter that enhances her features, looking incredibly beautiful and simple.

For her appointment at the center where she would perform her therapy, Geraldine Bazán came dressed in a full lycra bodysuit with black mesh texture and suspenders, which outlined her slender and perfect silhouette.

In her stories, Geri shared with her followers the type of therapy that she uses so that her knee returns to normal and regains the strength and muscle tone it requires, because after the accident and the surgery she was damaged a lot, and not I could do no physical exertion in that area for quite some time.

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Let us remember that the beautiful actress of the series Fake identity She traveled shortly after the New Year to Aspen, Colorado with her friends and partner to enjoy the start of the year skiing in the mountains. Nevertheless, Geraldine Bazán He suffered a serious accident in his knee, which broke his ligaments and so on, for which he had to undergo surgery.

Although she already walks well, and can exercise with certain physical trainings, to date, after just over 9 months after the accident, she continues to have sequelae that have led her to undergo certain treatments to fully recover.

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“Yes, I walk with a chipped knee (injured), apparently broken ligaments, I share it because we do not realize how valuable our health is until there is something that is not 100%,” wrote the beautiful actress at that time, when she suffered the accident.

Geraldine Bazán falls in love with her beauty without makeup and black fishnet bodysuit. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

However, that has not stopped the ex-wife of Gabriel Soto to continue enjoying life, her beautiful daughters Miranda and Elissa Soto Bazan, who have traveled a large number of tourist destinations enjoying the wonders of Mexico and abroad as only they know how to do. Definitely, Geraldine Bazán is a clear example of courage, resilience and feminine power, which inspires.

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