Georges-Louis Bouchez charges Frank Vandenbroucke: “When you’re Minister of Health, you have to shine through your actions”

“Israel started the third doses on August 3. They have now vaccinated nearly 40% of the population with the third dose. And they have gone from 1,200 infections per million population to less than 50 today. policies must be based on scientific evidence. These are facts! ” In the longer term, “as with the flu, we must enter into intelligent strategies where, if reminders are necessary, they occur at the right time, that is to say before winter.”

A federal kern devoted to the Covid has been meeting since 8:00 p.m., on the eve of a new consultation committee convened on Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. Georges-Louis Bouchez did not want to comment on the measures that could be taken. “Our fellow citizens need clear communication. There are times to announce measures, to educate people. But everyone has their own opinion, their little one-upmanship on what to do , that adds incomprehension and anxiety. It is really not useful. (…) I am a little surprised that members of Gems (group of experts which advises the authorities, Editor’s note) give interviews all day long while, until today, we still did not have the report, “he criticized. He also pointed out the Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke: “when you are Minister of Health, you have to illustrate yourself by your actions, your decision-making, your strength of conviction around the table. It is not necessary. to make the most thunderous statements every day. “

Whatever measures were taken on Friday, Georges-Louis Bouchez pleaded for them to be proportionate and always accompanied by aid measures “when there is a hindrance to economic activity”. “If it costs money, it must force politicians to take the best, most effective measure.”

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