Gay: “This victory is a very strong endorsement of the management”

The mayor Héctor Gay was grateful to the people of Bahia when the first results of the PASO showed a wide advantage of Juntos over the Frente de Todos in Bahía Blanca.

“This difference, not even the most optimistic of our team expected it, for that reason the enormous gratitude to the people of Bahia who accompany us. The people of Bahia do not vote for those who lie in the campaign and in this campaign there were many lies. People have it clear: liars do not win, “he said from the Juntos bunker.

“This victory is a very strong endorsement of the management. Six years of management always implies wear and tear, things that have not been done, but this support from the people is a stimulus. That it has almost historical features ”, he said.

Gay added that he was “slightly surprised and grateful,” with the first results giving Juntos an advantage of more than 20 points over Frente de Todos.

“For this reason, the enormous gratitude to the people of Bahia who accompany us. The November battle is coming and people value our commitment, the way of working of an immense team ”, he added.

Gay thanked prosecutors and said that while votes remain to be counted, Fernando Compagnoni’s list has won. “With the moderation of what a STEP means, the election where it is counted is that of November, but it goes without saying that this result, which we sincerely did not expect, is an endorsement of the community,” he said.

In communication with Compass 24 He added that this result is “a mixture of many things, if you give me to choose a ranking the economy, people are very bad and sometimes that is not evaluated, inflation devours you, there is no work, not to mention the merchants, it is well, there was a pandemic, but in neighboring countries what happens in Argentina does not happen ”.

“What most influences today’s angry vote is the economy in Bahia. We did not lose at any table, but in some poorer neighborhoods we got twice as many votes as the Frente de Todos is a reading,” he said.

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