"Garbage collection service was normal yesterday, but this is day to day", indicated from the Municipality

Marcos Streitenberger, secretary of local government, said this morning that “all the routes left to work normally yesterday”, in relation to the continuous cases of coronavirus that affected the personnel of Bahía Ambiental SAPEM and, therefore, at the service of garbage collection and sweeping in Bahía Blanca.

“In recent days, the service was affected by a significant number of employees affected by accidents and COVID; added to the heat wave, which affects the health of workers who put their bodies. We have compensated with temporary employees, in consonance with the union, and already yesterday all the routes to work in a normal way, “he expanded.

“That does not mean that we cannot have different problems in the next few days. We are making every effort to ensure that the collection is normal, as was prior to the festivities,” he said.

In dialogue with Panorama, by LU2, the official pointed out that “this is day by day because the COVID wave continues to produce its effects, so that some route may be affected in the coming days by virtue of new cases that arise.”

“In the previous week,” he continued, “this situation affected 30% of the company’s staff, approximately one hundred operators. This has the consequent effect on 35% of the routes that provide day-to-day service, which is 33 in total “.

Streitenberger stressed that “of course the service is vital, especially in this heat, that is why we are making an effort to make it work on a regular basis. We also think that SAPEM is essential personnel, for which they have worked throughout the pandemic without rest. And that leads to different situations that we are normalizing. “

“SAPEM works jointly with a temporary service company to compensate personnel according to the union. But this third wave of COVID also affects the personnel of temporary companies,” he clarified.

However, he stressed that “unless there are many cases, the service will continue to be provided normally. This is shift by shift, I cannot predict if there will be new cases of COVID.”

In addition, the official mentioned that “the neighbors mostly collaborate, they are asked to take out the wet waste with priority and avoid taking out what one has and does not generate an odor at home.”

In another order, the brand new Secretary of Government said that “the Municipality is working normally”, beyond the remote work provided by the Nation and Province for state employees.

“We did not understand very well why the decision was made to order that the Nation and Province personnel do home office. What evidence does the Government have that an employee will use less energy at home than at work? The lack of energy is structural, a consequence of the absence of a general policy, “he replied.

He also made reference to the Health Pass, which for the moment is not requested in Alsina 65.

“The Municipality, at least for now, is not asking for the Health Pass. What was provided is that employees who do not have the complete vaccination scheme do not serve the public. There is a provincial decree, but there are no further details”, full.

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