GameSir T4 Mini controller launches for $29.99 with support for PC, Switch, Android and iOS

Gamepad features support for Switch, Switch Lite, iOS, Android and PC

A GameSir, respected company when it comes to multiplatform gamepad, is launching a new controller on the market. Suitable for travel and gamers who have small hands, whether children or adults, the GameSir T4 Mini is a gamepad with dimensions of 53mm x 143mm, com suporte para Switch, Switch Lite, iOS, Android e PC. With a battery that promises 10 hours of playtime and RGB light mode, the T4 Mini controller is on a launch promotion at Aliexpress, with an instant discount of US$ 35.99 for US $ 29.99, until October 14th.

Link to purchase GameSir T4 Mini on PROMOTION

The successor control of the T4 line arrives on the market with wireless connection for Android (operating system 8 or higher) and iOS (operating system 13 or higher), via Bluetooth 5.2. The connection to PC (Windows 7 or higher) can only be made via wire, available in the product box. The device has a 6-axis gyroscope, perfect for Switch, allowing the combination of tilt and rotation movements while the player executes the commands. Furthermore, the two asymmetric engines are capable of creating distinct vibration patterns, increasing feedback in racing and action games.

In addition to cross-platform support, GameSirt T4 Mini hits the market with 3 RGB lighting modes. Static with 9 color options: blue, red, green, yellow, cyan, orange, purple, pink and rainbow. In addition to the Cycle and Raibow Breathing modes (which toggles RGB lighting through the control). The gamepad also offers 10 hours of autonomy With a 600mAh battery, and charging time of 3 hours.

The new model presented by the company, offers the Auto-Sleep functionality that conserves the control’s energy as soon as the Switch screen (for example) is turned off. In the presence of different Turbo modes, manual and automatic, offer players the ability to program the game play for a more comfortable experience for all skill levels.

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GameSir T4 Mini Controller Key Specs – LINK for purchase
– Dimensions of 53mm x 143mm perfect for small hands or traveling.
– Support for Switch, Switch Lite, iOS (13 or higher), Android (8 or higher) and PC (Windows 7 or higher).
– 3 RGB lighting modes.
– Support for different Turbo modes on the buttons, ideal for all users.
– 10 hours of battery life.
– Charging time: 3 hours.
– Weight: 156g.

For those looking for a perfect travel controller, or children and adults with small hands, the GameSir T4 Mini is a great option with wide connectivity for a variety of devices. Promotional prices on Aliexpress, are available until dawn on the 14th. Don’t waste time and get control for $29.99.

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