Gamer Finger Sleeves: Razer is selling a gamer thimble for mobile games

Yes, that’s right, thimble gamer – too bad it doesn’t have RGB

A Razer, famous manufacturer of electronics and gamer peripherals, has just launched a new product that will divide opinions, it is the Gamer Finger Sleeves, or what we can call dedal gamer, the product was developed for the public that plays on smartphones and seeks greater flexibility and security at the time of gambling.

To advertise its new product the company uses the slogan “VICTORY AT YOUR¬†FINGERTIPS”, which simply means “victory at your fingertips”, and it is with this advertisement that Razer wants mobile players to start using its product.

It uses a silver fiber fabric able to provide the player with an incredible experience when sliding their fingers across the cell phone screen, reducing friction and decreasing the chances of fingers slipping amid disputes that can be too heated, and that lead to excessive sweating of the fingers, one of the main problems when playing on a touch screen as touch agility must not be compromised during games, and sweaty fingers can compromise performance.

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The product is designed to be comfortable, the Razer bothered to deliver a solution with only 0.8 mm thick, which makes the player not feel uncomfortable when using the Gamer Finger Sleeves on your thumbs. Its composition with 35% silver fiber fabric, 60% nylon and 5% spandex they complement the company’s strategy of providing a product that can be used for hours. The company has not disclosed so far if there are plans for a version with RGB lights.

To carry out the cleaning, the company informs that they are hand washable, an easy and quick way to keep the product clean, which is extremely important because the thimbles are in direct contact with the body and sweat during use.

The product is being sold for $ 9.99 in the United States (about 52 reais in Brazil, in direct conversion), and a single color, silver fiber with neon green accents is available. Unfortunately, we still don’t have information about its availability in Brazilian territory.

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