Galilea Montijo looks adorable in Barbie pink sweater and mini skirt

Flaunting his statuesque figure, Galilea MontijoShe wore a flirty plaid outfit that revealed her tiny waist and shapely legs. The famous Mexican presenter wasted her incomparable beauty and captivated her millions of followers on social networks posing charmingly from the corridors of Televisa.

The charismatic conductor of 48 years old She shared her favorite pose through her official accounts, dressed in a plaid print set consisting of a top, sweater and mini skirt that she combined with discreet accessories and fabulous white stiletto ankle boots.

The wife of the sportsman, politician and businessman, Fernando Reina Iglesias, she fell in love with the audience with her audacious pink outfit during the broadcast of the successful Hoy Program, showing off her chestnut hair in soft waves and a fantastic metallic makeup that highlighted her tanned cheeks and her delicate chocolate-colored lips.

The famous artist from Guadalajara is one of the most glamorous celebrities in show business and has gained great popularity on social networks. In recent times he has become a fashion icon and an inspiration to his more than eight million followers who flatter his good taste in clothing.

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Galilea Montijo began her career in 1993 when she was the winner of the beauty and charisma contest “The TV Girl” and a year later she debuted as a host on Ritmoson Latino. But it was 2001 when she captivated the national audience as the show’s stellar host. “TV Life” together with the conductors Héctor Sandarti and Lilí Brillanti.

Galilea Montijo is passionate about fashion and for more than thirteen years she has dazzled the national audience with her exquisite style, her incomparable beauty and her statuesque figure in each broadcast of the successful Today Program becoming one of the best dressed presenters on Mexican television.

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At the end of June, the gorgeous presenter from Guadalajara JaliscoShe fulfilled one of her dreams by opening her own clothing store called “Latingal” in a famous shopping center located in the State of Mexico and at the opening she was surrounded by family, close friends and fellow cast members.

Galilea Montijo She is one of the most beautiful faces in the middle of the show, but also has an exquisite taste in dressing and a natural talent to pose charmingly in front of the camera, a virtue that has allowed her to be the cover of prestigious magazines and the image of recognized brands fashion and beauty.

Galilea Montijo has managed to stay in the public’s taste for more than three decades of career on the small screen and has become one of the most acclaimed conductors in the medium of the show. He usually splurges his beauty every morning from the forums of Televisa dressed in classic, romantic, dramatic and avant-garde outfits.

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